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Olivia Lua was getting so worried she wouldn't be able to get home. Luckily for her this random dude in his van shows up willing to give her a ride. Once he starts taking back roads he asks her if she really wants to get home and if she wants, how can she convince him?! She has to give up that pussy and let him use her as she wishes.... what a total teen whore!
15 Mar 2019
Sophia is on the side of her road with her car broken down. When our crew stops and asks if she needs a ride she happily jumps in. Little does she know she ends up with this pervy guy who's only mission is to take advantage of dumb teen girls like her. The minute she gets in he starts to play and pushing her buttons. Once he has her where he wants, he fucks her brains out!
12 Mar 2019
Another girl, Evelin Stone, is stranded in the middle of nowhere but luckily she finds somebody willing to take her for a ride. She wants to get back home but how can she repay him?!
06 Dec 2018
Kiley Jay is stranded and she decided to walk, it is unfortunately boiling hot but luckily she bumps into this guy in his van. She asks him for a ride but in return he wants some money for gas. When it turns out she doesn't have any money on her he asks her how she's going to pay him.... Put up, or get the fuck out!
29 Nov 2018
Felicity Feline is stranded, she got in a horrible fight with her boyfriend and he dumped her on the side of the road. She doesn't have anything on her but luckily our creep in a van is willing to help her out. How much is she willing to give up in return for a ride home?!
22 Nov 2018
Freya van Doom is stranded but luckily she runs into this guy in his van. He's on his way to work and he doesn't want to be late as long as they can work something out. It turns out that his way of working something out is wrapping her up, fucking her throat and take her to his basement so he can use her as he wishes!
01 Nov 2018
Gina Valentina is stranded. She ran out of gas but luckily this guy comes by and he's willing to let her hop in and take her as far as he can. Unfortunately this guy is a creeper, he decides to take her home and make use of her. She's apparently not the brightest of the bunch so he can get away with anything he does to her!
25 Oct 2018
Remember in the previous video how Dolly Leigh got picked up and used? Today she finds herself locked up and tied in a dark basement ready for usage. She doesn't know she got their, all she knows is that when this guy uses her as she sees fit she's actually quite into it!
18 Oct 2018
Dolly Leigh is completely lost and needs some help getting home. She comes across a creepy dude in a van who is willing to give her a ride. He's quite annoyed with all her talking so he decides she needs a lesson to shut her up. His way of shutting her up is sticking his big cock down her throat....
11 Oct 2018
I don't know is this girl her favorite phrase. She's not the brightest of the bunch and when she's lost outside and our crew picks up her she is going to wish she never said "I'll make it up to you". This girl is making it up in more ways than she can imagine!
06 Aug 2018
Halle was on her way but got completely lost. Luckily she comes across our favorite fucker and he lets her hop in for a ride. Dumb as she is, she decides to get in. Girls, lesson 1; never get in a car with strangers! Our stranger here shows you why... He fucks her insane in the back of his car and makes her wish she'd never left home.
23 Jul 2018
Sabrina was driving around but when she lost her GPS signal she completely lost the way. Luckily she comes across the friendliest guy around who is happy to give her a ride. Just hop on and see where it takes you! (Spoiler; tied up in the back of a van getting your brains fucked out).
16 Jul 2018
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